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Deployment Strategies

As today’s engineers try to meet industry challenges, such as the need to bring products to market faster and integrate new technologies into existing systems, a modular test software architecture has emerged as an ideal solution.

Software deployment is the process of managing and automating the packaging, testing, distribution and installation of software files and/or applications to test systems across an enterprise network or production floor.

An effective software deployment strategy provides the confidence and reliability needed to ensure an effective software deployment. When facing software deployment, several challenges present themselves and need to be addressed such as:

  • What method should I use to gather all my required files?
  • How do I distribute those files to my test stations?
  • How much control do I need or want over my distribution?
  • How do I go about updating those test stations?
  • Should I make this deployment process manual or automatic or even both?

To address these issues, several methods will be described below on how to effectively deploy your software. We will first discuss the methods of creating a deployment image. Once this deployment image has been created, we will cover the three methods for deploying this image to your test systems which are:

  • File Copy Method
  • Source Code Control Method
  • Installer Method