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Equipment Selection

Equipment selection is a crucial activity. Once the equipment is bought & installed, one needs to manage and maintain it for years to come. An inefficient equipment is a continued source of revenue drain & weakens the bottom line of any Industry.

Equipment Manufacturers in the process of marketing their products, over emphasize the capabilities of the equipment & the CUSTOMER normally fails to achieve the production or capacities as claimed by the OEM.

Our project estimation helps us to generate, manage, and validate estimates of efforts for a wide variety of projects. We also define the methods and tools which are going to be used for the project which assists us to measure and identify exact timelines for the project. In project management, accurate estimates are the basis of sound project planning.

We begin with the most important task of setting realistic expectations and realistic picture of a project. Then comes a time to predict the impending problems and possible solutions, which might become a hurdle in the success of a project making it tough to deliver it on time.

We provide you the customised feed- back to choose the right equipment or a set of equipments out of the several available in the market. Process offered is

  • Understand the process & effect of the equipment on the process
  • Prepare right specifications
  • Survey market
  • Choose the suitable manufacturers
  • Bench mark with the best industries using these equipment
  • Prepare comparative
  • Get the best deals like warranty, etc. from OEM.
  • IT infra management and Training.