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Project Estimation

To have precise Project Estimation is one of the most crucial steps of the business analysis strategies. Starting from Requirements gathering and analysis to feasibility study and GAP analysis, all steps can go in vain if project estimation is not done effectively. Project estimation is a stack of activities which gives the final approximation that becomes helpful to not only the organization but also the clients.

The project estimation activities help define the perfect techniques to deliver the client what they have desired, selecting the appropriate tools and technologies, and also measure the exact time frame needed to complete the project. It gives the client a clear picture for their requirements diminishing the line between the actual expectations and received results.
CredenceIS make sure that the client gets exactly what he has desired by performing comprehensive business analysis activities.

Our project estimation helps us to generate, manage, and validate estimates of efforts for a wide variety of projects. We also define the methods and tools which are going to be used for the project which assists us to measure & identify exact timelines for the project.

The fundamental questions which we raise and solve during project estimation are;

  • How much efforts are required to finish the project?
  • How much calendar time is needed to complete the project as per the expectations?
  • What could be the total cost of the whole process?
  • Total costs of the tools and software used
  • Other organizational, economic, political and business considerations which might
        influence the cost and/or timeline
  • Overall in this service,we estimate the project time & cost based on the client requirements and the whole scenario. By coming to us & giving your project estimation task to us, you can never be daunted and will surely satisfy your clients by delivering the most precise solutions.