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The Core Banking solution from CredenceIS FINREST is an integrated solution that automates all aspects of core banking operations across entities, languages and currencies. A part of the universal banking suite, the core banking solution helps financial institutions introduce new products with ease and efficiently manage changes in existing ones.

CredenceIS, through its core banking solution from FINREST,can help your bank enhance its portfolio of offerings by configuring and managing the entire banking process lifecycle, from origination to servicing, across multiple channels. A market-ready universal financial platform, each solution in the FINREST suite runs as a scalable, robust component, fully integrated with existing business models, and enterprise and technology infrastructures.

CredenceIS FINREST product strategy is geared towards delivering unique value proposition to customers including:

  • Improved return on investment and reduced total cost of ownership
  • Standardized and ‘simple’ processes with high levels of automation and enhanced efficiency
  • Organic and inorganic growth with matched performance and scalability
  • Flexibility and high level of configurability supporting a variety of banking models from the same solution
  • Ease of integration with in-built service integration capabilities supporting a multitude of 'out-of-the-box' messaging standards and formats

Next Generation Core Banking Solution.

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