Smarttendance from CredenceIS is a state-of-the-art Attendance Management System.

Smarttendance is a RFID and SMS based Automatic Attendance System which is fast, reliable, easy to use and cost-effective. When a student swipes his or her smart card on the RFID reader device, the device sends an SMS instantly to the guardian or parent’s registered mobile number and also records the attendance.

Some of the salient Modular features of our Smarttendance are:

  • Save time and effort: Automatic attendance means less paperwork and increased productivity.
  • Improves the institution’s image: Being Smarttendance-powered means you take extra care to ensure students’ safety.
  • Provides a feature-rich web-based application to view and generate customized attendance reports, all in a few clicks.
  • Early warning system for student dropouts & frequent bunkers.
  • Teachers can work independently from home as well & manage instant communication with parents via readymade SMS.
  • Very economical.

An Automated attendance system.

  • Login
  • Manage Students
  • Bulk SMS
  • Reports
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